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Since 1987, our accredited experts simply handle jobs with the care that it takes to be A+ Rated (BBB). Contact us first to get certified help and to minimize out of pocket costs. Let us work to reduce any extra stress your recent disaster has caused.

Executive Restoration has been featured in major media for Mold Inspection and Removal


Executive Restoration is one of the highest
reviewed brands in the nation.






Mold Inspection

Our signature service. ER’s CEO has been featured in the media, and is an expert witness in court for Mold Inspections. To remain unbiased, analysis of samples are by a 3rd party lab.

Lead Inspection

Lead is obviously toxic. If you fear there is Lead paint in your home, we can find it. To remove Lead, we call upon our elite vendor network that offers the best removal services in the industry

Thermal Scan

We are qualified to scan for problematic areas in your home, using infrared technology. This allows us show you what’s in your walls and find any anomalies, otherwise hidden.

Mold Removal

Unlike most, we are an ethical company that keeps restoration and inspection departments divided. If we’ve found mold from an inspection, we will refer the best companies to remove it.

Water/Flood Damage Repair

Flood emergency water extraction, and water damage repair are the primary reason for our 24/7/365 hotline. We expedite processes by the help of unbiased, 3rd party vendors nationwide.

Fire Damage Restoration

Think you’ve lost it all? Not usually. Fire damage repair and content restoration is a heavily specialized field. Our network consists of the best fire damage recovery in the business. .

Home Remodeling

Your vision and our phone number is really all you need. Consider us your one stop shop to bring your ideas to life. If we don’t personally cover it, we have direct access to all leading vendors.


We have been blessed. The quality of our service is seen in our customer reviews, and is also proven by investigative reporting from
major news outlets



Not only are you the best customer in the world, your opinions are truly appreciated. Our team is constantly trying to add future improvements to upgrade the overall customer experience. Without your feedback, many enhancements and corrections may not have been discovered. We cherish your suggestions and appreciate your honesty.



Thanks to our vendors who specialize in quality over quantity, this allows Executive Restoration to provide top-tier support on a national scale. In an ongoing effort, our team has spent time and money to simplify our vendor processes. Thanks to you, we now have the ability to provide suggested job pricing, superior custom products, and certified services to everyone in the USA

Executive Restoration’s Leaders

Name : David Snell

Title : CEO & Expert Mold Inspector

Direct Email : [email protected]

After starting up a carpet cleaning service in 1987, David Snell found that mold was dangerous. Following this discovery he changed his direction to environmental services. David certified in mold inspection and mold remediation, for commercial and residential properties. He is even Lead Certified. Although David is accredited he refuses to mix his inspections with restoration. He thinks the departments should be completely separated. You may also know him as the owner of Snell Experts.

Name : Patrick Johnson

Title : CTO & Restoration Director

Direct Email : [email protected]

Patrick is from a tech background and has helped Executive Restoration push to the future. He is currently building a preferred network that operates nationwide. His goal is to combine advanced technology with elite contractors enabling the company to deliver the highest quality service, to every customer in the nation. David Snell met Patrick Johnson through service provided by Patrick’s company Godspeed Technologies. He agrees with David that operations should be completely separated. Patrick works in a separate location with a different staff.

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